Asphalt Patching

At Driveway Armor, we use the latest technology and our state of the art asphalt patching machine. 

Here is a patch before any repairs.

Here is another example of a damaged area before any repairs.


Broken asphalt is removed, and loose dirt and organic material removed.


With the debris removed, you can see that this driveway is an ‘overlay’, or a driveway that has two layers. A new driveway was ‘overlaid’ onto an existing asphalt driveway, and the damage has come through to the top layer.


In order for the patch to be effective, it must have distinct walls for the patch to adhere to. These walls provide structural support for the patch. The estimator will determine if your damage is a good candidate for patching.


The new patch is laid down. It can be driven on immediately, but we recommend not walking on this new area, allowing it to cure. The patch is applied, and tamped down. The patch will fill the hole, not exceeding the height of the existing driveway. Patches that are higher than the surrounding asphalt are a hazard, and can also come loose or disintegrate under vehicles and equipment.


It’s texture is different that the surrounding asphalt. That texture difference will be minimized by the sealcoat application, but you will still notice the difference. The difference will show through the sealcoat.


A patch is a temporary remedy. It can provides years of service when performed properly. However, many other factors can shorten the life of the patch. The estimator will discuss these factors as they may apply to your unique situation. After the patch has had an opportunity to cure, it will be sealcoated.

Here is a patch that has cured for a few days, and has been sealcoated. The patch will not fully harden for up to several months, but can be driven on without concern.

This is the large crack leading to the pothole. You can still notice the patch’s texture difference under the sealcoat.

This picture shows the repair from a distance. While no repair makes the driveway new, it does protect the driveway, and helps to ensure years of service!

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