Crack Filling

Crack filling is necessary when doing both preventative maintenance and pavement repair. When cracks let in water to the pavement base, it becomes unstable, and will deteriorate. If these cracks can be identified and filled before they grow large, you will be able to avoid the cost of bigger problems such as potholes or permanent pavement damage. This can require replacement.

If these cracks are left unrepaired they will grow in size, causing pavement to prematurely fail.

We recommend annual inspections in the spring to repair any cracks that have developed over the winter, only this can keep your pavement in good condition.

NOTE: If your pavement has alligator cracks, these require complete pavement reconstruction.

The crack may remain visible after the repair, and a ‘band’ may be present under the sealcoat. This is a sealed driveway with crack filling present. Note that some driveways will show this banding more than others, based on the driveway texture, previous sealcoats, and the angle this filling is viewed at. Even the time of day (with the sun’s presence) will have an impact on whether or not you can easily see the fill.

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