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I agree to the above terms and conditions. I hereby authorize work to commence:* CONDITIONS, SPECIFICATIONS, WARRANTY, EXPLANATION OF SERVICES All employees are covered by Workman’s Compensation Insurance. All employees complete extensive training prior to employment and are full time professionals. All projects are supervised by Owner or Crew Manager. All asphalt surfaces are prepared by power blowing. Removal of moss, imbedded debris, chemicals, etc. will require extra cleaning and will be charged on a case-by-case basis. Driveway Armor is not responsible for Acts of God, including but not limited to rain, snow, flood, high winds, animal tracking, vehicle damages, lawn chemicals, road salt, snow plowing, tree sap, mulch, or any unforeseen materials that may affect the long term adhesion or wearability of sealer. SEALCOATING: We fully warranty all workmanship and materials as specified for 90 days unless otherwise specified. A coating of approximately 8-12mm. per coat of a custom blend of Coal Tar. All coatings will have a mixture of pure sifted silica sand mixed at a minimum ratio of 1 lb. of sand per gallon. All coatings will contain drying and latex additives for increased flexibility, surface durability, longevity, and deeper, darker, longer lasting color. All coating is neatly applied ONLY to asphalt surfaces by hand. Sealcoating is a protective and cosmetic coating designed to protect the current asphalt surface from further degradation and is no way a substitute for a newly paved or resurfaced asphalt surface. Sealcoating will not remedy low spots or hide defects in the surface. Some areas in the asphalt surface may appear rougher than the others or not coated as well, when in fact these areas have become more apparent as a result of the black coating, and the rough areas are a result of a higher stone content than sand content in that particular area. Driveway Armor will fully warranty surfaces that have been properly installed and have been either unsealed or previously prepared and sealed according to industry standards. Surfaces sealed with inferior materials, or improperly prepared prior to our service may affect the long-term wear. Normal wear and tear is not warranted such as, snowplow damage, lawn chemicals, tree sap, petroleum damage, imbedded dirt and debris etc. CRACK SEALING: All crack sealing will be completed with a crack sealant. All structural cracks 3/8” or larger will be filled prior to sealcoating unless specified. Surface cracks (nonstructural cracks) will be filled by the sealcoating process to prevent water penetration. These cracks will not be pretreated and will still be visible. Cracks larger than 1 1/2 inch will be filled to prevent water penetration and be sealed to within 1 1/2 inch of the surface height. Settling of the crack sealing material is normal and will in no way affect the integrity of the process. All crack sealing material will be leveled to the surface of the driveway or fractionally below. Crack sealer will not be raised, and leveling the crack sealer to the surface or fractionally below provides protection from the crack sealing material being scraped or ripped out by the snow plowing process or by any other scraping process. Crack sealing will not make cracks disappear and cracks may still be visible after the sealcoating process. Crack repair material may settle. Once again, this in no way affects either the integrity or the watertight seal of the sealant. Driveway Armor offers no warranty or guarantee, written, express or implied, unless otherwise stated. PATCHING: All asphalt patching, and repair is completed using only highly durable cold patch unless otherwise specified. Patching will sometimes be visible after the sealcoating process as the name patch implies. All repairs are completed in accordance with NAPA (National Asphalt Pavement Association) standards. We offer no warranty written, express or implied unless otherwise stated. PAYMENT is due upon completion of the job unless otherwise specified. Balances past 10 days will be assessed a service charge of 1 1/2 % per month. Collection and attorney fees will be billed to the customer as incurred. We retain rights to the materials until paid for. Lien processes may also be initiated for the purpose of collection. OIL SPOTS: Treated and cleaned, however, spots may still bleed through. Failure to provide 24 hours notice of cancellation of appointment may result in $25 service charge. Standard service charges are $75 for the first hour, and $45 per hour thereafter. ALL work will be completed as stated on the proposal. Payment is due at time of service. All jobs more than $500 require a $200 deposit. Deviations from the proposal, unforeseen, or extra work beyond that indicated will be charged accordingly when approved by the customer.

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